How to Boost Your Brand Using Twitter

Twitter has become hugely popular across the globe since its creation in 2006 by founder Jack Dorsey. The popular social media platform has become a favourite amongst businesses, and with 126 million daily users – its followers are constantly growing. With our easy to use guide, Moocow can show you how to use Twitter to help utilise your social media skills, boost your brand and get you the followers you deserve. With Twitter paving the way for businesses to show off their creative flair, using Twitter correctly allows consumers to see a more personal side to how your company works, as well as showing off what your brand has to offer. Below are 6 ways you can improve your site following using Twitter.

1. Reach out to brands you know and interact with them. Re-tweet work that is being produced, show an appreciation of what they are involved in and it’s likely they will return the favour, getting you a greater amount of impressions from new viewers.

2. Use video to market your company via social media. Statistics shows that 85% of Twitter users prefer video content or visual graphics as opposed to just ready a clump of text. Create short videos that focus on your products or offer an insider view into what’s going on behind the scenes at your company. For ideal posts, use a max length of 140 seconds to keep viewers entertained.

3. Repeating yourself can be a good thing, so don’t worry. Be sure to re-tweet content you’ve previously posted and tweet your content multiple times throughout the week. Posting a blog or image just once is unlikely to get it seen by all of your followers. By re-tweeting it and sending out reminders to your audience to check out certain posts you are more likely to get your content noticed.

4. Be sure to monitor analytics to see what type of tweets work best. Twitter itself has some quite handy options for doing this. And in addition to this, you can use sites like Google AdWords and Google Keyword Planner to help you identify what keywords will be most effective in boosting the SEO for your business.

5. Collaborate with other companies or people of influence to help push your twitter following. This can be by getting well known Tweeters or companies to re-share or write a blog on your work, or even by doing a social media takeover where your audience has the chance to do a “ask me anything” event with your chosen social media celeb.

6. Although it may appear tempting, don’t use sites where you can buy Twitter followers for a set price. Most of them time bought followers are either fake sites, or its quite noticeable to the public they are not genuine followers that have been earned. Instead use Twitter ads, campaigns and promotions to reach out to new audience members and gain a greater following.


5 Brilliant Social Media Plug-ins for WordPress You May Not Know About

At Moocow, we’re constantly striving to make sure we’re ahead of the game when it comes to having the most up to date tech and web knowledge. When it comes to digital marketing and social media, it’s important to fully take advantage of social media platforms, plug-ins and widgets to allow you to achieve greater sales potential and expand your following. Below we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best in social media plug-ins for WordPress to give you a helping hand in getting started.


Social Snap

This social sharing plug-in allows you to increase engagement and take control of how well your social media performs. With over 30 social networks to choose from, you can place share buttons wherever is easiest, be it a floating side bar or via short-code or widget. You can also use animations and colour coordinate your layouts. Insights are easily available to track web traffic and you have the option to control how your social media posts look on any device.

Social Warfare

Great for speed and won’t slow down your site, Social Warfare has been specifically built by marketing and web developer experts. Although more limited in how many media platforms you can access, it’s an extremely well designed and powerful little plug-in. You can display how many times your content has been shared, pin images, use analytics to track your progress and use short codes to place social media icons anywhere you choose.

Add to Any

Increases traffic and works alongside over 100+ social media platforms, so this is the one for you if you’re connected to a huge variety of media channels. You can access share counters and floating share buttons, use email sharing and customize appearance. There’s also great analytics integration, with simplistic support for WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms too.

Social Icons by WPZoom

A 5 star rated plug-in that supports both Skype and WhatsApp with over 80 social media platform choices to share from. You can edit over 400+ customised icons with FontAwesome integration. The plug-in has easy to use drag and drop options to help you position your sharing buttons across your site. There’s also newly updated colour options to help alter and mix and match the colour schemes for your social media share buttons too.


Easily customisable, ShareGrapes also has over 80 social networks you can access for your site, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With multiple design options for sharing posts and links to social media, the plug-in comes with easy to use guides and help to get targetted traffic to your sites. It’s mobile compatible too, which means you won’t find the layout of your posts and share buttons suddenly changing when switching devices.


3 Crucial Ways Your Social Media Impacts Your SEO

At Moocow, we’re constantly striving to make sure we’re ahead of the game when it comes to having the most up to date knowledge on the latest tech trends and SEO advice. When it comes to SEO, businesses and marketers alike can benefit from knowing the relationship between SEO and social media. Increased web traffic from social sites such as Twitter and Facebook can all have an influence on how well your site appears in search engines. It can also impact how social media profiles stand out in Google. Take a look at our tips to help enhance your social media to help boost your SEO.

Your followers
It’s no secret that the more of a following you have, the larger an audience you can reach, however if you’re starting off small you shouldn’t let it panic you. Building up a genuine following comes with patience, but it always pays off. Organic followers are far better than paying for fake ones. Make sure your thread is packed full of content that’s informative, run and relatable and feel free to throw in a few discounts and offers here and there. This will help to grow your following naturally, and the more info you post leading back to your website, the more of an increase in traffic you’ll find. If you’re willing to fork out, use promotions like Facebook Targeting or Twitter Ads instead of outsider brands claiming they’ll get you 5,000 followers for a fiver (they won’t)

Your content
Make sure you are posting things relevant to your brand and just any old thing that’s trending on Twitter. Your followers follow you for one reason only – they’re interested in your brand. If you start posting off topic, you may find yourself losing out on followers. Keep it topical, you can still use themes that are trending but make sure you relate it back to your brand. Videos, GIFs and memes are all great visual ways to get your audience interested, and they don’t need to be tacky just because it’s a GIF, you can get making your own easily online. Remember not to overdo it with the sales talk too, obviously you want to make sales, but you don’t want to bombard your audience with nothing but ads.

Your link building
Social media is a great way to stay connected with others, you can link others to
your sites, get your content shared, and help boost each others posts. Guest blogs or social media takeovers are a great way to boost your brand to a larger following. You can also join in with group Twitter chats by adding a particular group hashtag to get your posts re-tweeted and talked about. When posting blogs, adverts or any other form of media, always remember to include a link to your site, products or another related external source. Branching out to profiles with a nationwide following can be great, but don’t forget to go local too, supporting and sharing with local companies can attract both attention and new clients if you’re working together within a local area.


Web News: Twitter Increases Character Limit For Tweets

At Moocow, we pride ourselves on having the most up to date knowledge on the hottest tech trends and web news. With technology and techniques developing daily, Moocow are continuously working hard to help find new ways to develop your business.

It wasn’t long ago that we were raving about the Tweetstorm feature in one of our recent web news blogs. Despite Twitter leading the way as the most successful social media platform for businesses, we debated it’s one major downfall – the length of posts you are allowed to Tweet. For some users, this has helped simplify things when creating a post – allowing them to Tweet info that is direct and uncomplicated. However for many – the 140 character limit can be particularly frustrating, especially when you feel you’ve got a lot more to say. Jogging your memory at all? Well, Twitter has just released today that you can now send tweets that are 280 characters long, doubling the limit from before.

This feature will be available to almost everyone on Twitter, however tweets in Korean, Chinese or Japanese would not be included as the developers felt the structure of these languages already enabled them to put much more information in one tweet. The Twitter team has already experienced a huge surge in users rushing to take advantage of the new feature this morning with everyone getting excited. Their analytics team have stated that those with tweets posted with a larger number of characters were receiving much higher interest, likes and engagements.

Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images