How to Boost Your Brand Using Twitter

Twitter has become hugely popular across the globe since its creation in 2006 by founder Jack Dorsey. The popular social media platform has become a favourite amongst businesses, and with 126 million daily users – its followers are constantly growing. With our easy to use guide, Moocow can show you how to use Twitter to help utilise your social media skills, boost your brand and get you the followers you deserve. With Twitter paving the way for businesses to show off their creative flair, using Twitter correctly allows consumers to see a more personal side to how your company works, as well as showing off what your brand has to offer. Below are 6 ways you can improve your site following using Twitter.

1. Reach out to brands you know and interact with them. Re-tweet work that is being produced, show an appreciation of what they are involved in and it’s likely they will return the favour, getting you a greater amount of impressions from new viewers.

2. Use video to market your company via social media. Statistics shows that 85% of Twitter users prefer video content or visual graphics as opposed to just ready a clump of text. Create short videos that focus on your products or offer an insider view into what’s going on behind the scenes at your company. For ideal posts, use a max length of 140 seconds to keep viewers entertained.

3. Repeating yourself can be a good thing, so don’t worry. Be sure to re-tweet content you’ve previously posted and tweet your content multiple times throughout the week. Posting a blog or image just once is unlikely to get it seen by all of your followers. By re-tweeting it and sending out reminders to your audience to check out certain posts you are more likely to get your content noticed.

4. Be sure to monitor analytics to see what type of tweets work best. Twitter itself has some quite handy options for doing this. And in addition to this, you can use sites like Google AdWords and Google Keyword Planner to help you identify what keywords will be most effective in boosting the SEO for your business.

5. Collaborate with other companies or people of influence to help push your twitter following. This can be by getting well known Tweeters or companies to re-share or write a blog on your work, or even by doing a social media takeover where your audience has the chance to do a “ask me anything” event with your chosen social media celeb.

6. Although it may appear tempting, don’t use sites where you can buy Twitter followers for a set price. Most of them time bought followers are either fake sites, or its quite noticeable to the public they are not genuine followers that have been earned. Instead use Twitter ads, campaigns and promotions to reach out to new audience members and gain a greater following.