Web News: Google Chrome 61 Launched

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News of the release of Google Chrome 61 came earlier this week, with the new update for browsers being made available over the next few days to weeks. It will be available to any device on supported platforms including macOS, Windows and Linux. The update comes with some fairly important security enhancements so making the move over will no doubt have some significant benefits. Other than this, details on any features have been kept fairly quiet. This is most likely due to the update focusing on bug fixes, security changes and behind the scenes modifications that won’t be majorly visible to day to day users.

A list has been posted showing several of the most important alteration:

  • Add initial set of new default user images.
  • Autoplay policy for HTML5 video: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy
  • Data Saver site breakdown doesn’t add up to totals on version update. Also, don’t show negative savings.
  • DevTools: Add ‘Save profile’ toolbar button to performance panel.
  • Disable first run for managed profiles.
  • [Extensions] Don’t allow content scripts on the New Tab Page.
  • Enable automatically detected CUPS printers in the print preview dialog.
  • Enable asm.js -> WebAssembly by default.
  • Keep scanned host devices in the cache for longer (from 5 minutes to 2 hours).
  • Move extension unzip/unpack to background thread to prevent the blocking of the main utility thread.
  • On dual-GPU macs, blacklist MSAA for both GPUs if either is Intel.
  • Switch pause/mute buttons’ locations in RTL languages