Tips to Help Your Website Show You’re A Business Clients Can Trust

At MooCow, we pride ourselves on having the most up to date knowledge on web design. With technology and techniques developing daily, take a look at our tips below to see how small changes to your webpage can help boost your recognition as a company your clients can trust.

1. Keep your website as up to date as possible, a professional website should not only visually show off your brand, but also be easy to access. Making sure your site is regularly updated, fast-working and mobile friendly are the best ways to ensure a reliable site.

2. Clearly outline who you are as a business, show your customers you have nothing to hide. Make sure your site has a clear ‘About’ section so your clients have a good understanding of what services you provide, your mission and goals. Always be true to the values advertised on your site.

3. Show off your credentials, make visible any companies you have partnered with or worked for. Provide proof of any qualifications or awards your company has received, recognition allows for your company to be seen as dependable as well as capable of providing an excellent service.

4. Be direct. No one wants to find out about hidden costs further down the line, hidden in small print. Make sure you stand by any promises stated on your web page. With online shops, make sure details like shipping, cancellation, return policies are all clearly visible with no hidden. Make sure customers can contact you easily, always have a contact number or email address listed on your site that is kept up to date so any queries can be dealt with rapidly.

5. A strong social media presence helps back up who you are. Social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram are the first place potential customers are going to head to, to check out your authenticity. Having a varied amount of reviews and testimonials from previous clients can help to give proof your company can be relied upon.

6. Vocalise your brand’s mission statement, personalise the values and ethics your company holds, speak to your clients in a relatable manner and get your audience interested in what you do. Use examples, statistics and present data visually that will showcase exactly what your company can achieve.