Tech News: Angular 5 Update

Easier, Smaller, Faster”

Our favourite JavaScript framework for creating desktop and mobile apps is set to reach yet another landmark this September with the Angular 5 update.

Formerly introduced in 2012 as AngularJS, the upgrade comes following 2 previous modifications in the last year, with the new release set to be the 4th update to the framework (despite being numbered as 5) after changes following the 1.0 version.

Angular 6 is Scheduled for production release on September 18 with some nifty new features, including improved code and far greater reinforcement for Google’s Material Design. Other attributes include:

-Simplified methods for creating progressive web apps, where apps can be cached in the browser

-A “build optimizer” that gets rid of unneeded code, in turn making the app more compact in size

-Creating material design elements that are well-matched with server-side rendering

And the news doesn’t stop there…

Plans for the release of Angular 6 are already on the horizon. Google has apparently already set a release date for Angular 6 for Spring 2018. The team have stated they will be continuing on from the design for Angular 5, making minimal changes to its themes, focusing on improvements in speed and usability with the key aim of helping to ease the stress for web developers.