Web Trends: The Move to Mobile First

At MooCow, we pride ourselves on having the most up to date knowledge on the hottest web trends. With technology and techniques developing daily, take a look at what 2017 has in store for the world of web design.

Let’s face it, most of us spend 90% of our time glued to our phone, whether it’s updating your Facebook status, catching up on celeb gossip, or browsing online for that perfect pair of shoes, more and more people are turning to smartphones to get the information they need. Over the last couple of years, there’s been a giant leap in what we call ‘internet browsing behaviour’, with thousands of people swapping from desktop to mobile technology. With 2015 paving the way for ‘Mobilegeddon’ Google now gives preference to mobile friendly sites, and by the end of 2017 it’s predicted that 60% per cent of online shopping traffic will be mobile. Part of our job here at MooCow is to make sure your business is reaching the audience it deserves, this includes optimising your site reach so your website reaches its full potential. With more and more technology available in the palm of your hand, it’s hard to say no right?