5 Simple, Easy-to-Use Design Tools

Keep your business and work up to date, despite the Lockdown, with our top listed design tools to keep you busy working from home. Our team remains committed to providing you the best online advice, keeping you up to date on all the latest tech news, with recommendations for resources and tools that can be implemented working away from the office.


Calcolor is a handy, and easy to use tool that offers an insight into colour range, and exploring your colour palette. It’s great if you want to try out various colour schemes and styles for your brand, logo or website. It also teaches you more about colour HEX codes, that funny format that you’ll come across resembling numbers and a hashtag.

Snack This

Snack This is a nifty tool that allows you to create text GIFs quickly, which is great for putting together social media posts or drawing attention to a new product online. There are a range of styles, fonts and backgrounds to choose from and is a speedy way of getting colourful, animated text for an online post.


Motion is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor that’s easy to grasp and can be handily downloaded onto either Mac or Windows. There’s plenty of pre-made icons that can be altered and adjusted to suit the aim of your project.


An online photo editor that’s free to use and doesn’t involve a download. You can use this site anytime you pop online for quick image editing and touch ups. It’s equipped with all your general editing tools, and has options for creating fonts, logos, borders and backgrounds. A brilliant and cost effective alternative that will get the job done quickly too. You can download any images you create in various formats or upload online too.


Grants you access to a variety of backgrounds, stickers and shapes with professional photo editing features including colour, hue, curve, image resizing and 3D rotation. Allows you to create designs not just for logos, but for posters, newsletters and brochures or even social media ads.