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As developers of high end e-commerce websites Magento gives us the power, flexibility and results that we need to deliver what our clients demand.

The rich feature set straight out of the box allows for rapid, cost effective deployment of an e-commerce website that will keep our clients in front of their competitors. But we really get excited when we look at the Magento architecture. It is built to reflect the fact that every business has different needs and as such it is the perfect choice for building bespoke e-commerce functionality on top of a tried and tested framework. This is where Make It Digital are able to use their bespoke web application development skills to leverage the power of a great e-commerce framework and create a tailored online shop with slick, cutting edge features designed to opimise conversions and maximise sales.

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How could magento benifit you?

The Magento e-commerce framework offers you a cost effective solution to running an online shop, complete with stock control, order processing and user management. Straight out of the box a wealth of features are included to drive greater sales volume and maximise order values. Short term promotions to boost sales can be configured with just a few clicks and native support for creating an SEO friendly website culminate in an optimised sales tool for your business. Keeping your website up to date is simple with an integrated, easy to use content management system. And that’s just for starters, click here to get in touch with us to arrange a demo or to have a chat about how we can help with your e-commerce project.


  • Robust, scalable and extensible framework
  • Can be deployed across multiple servers
  • for high performance installations
  • Extremely flexible theming engine
  • Modular architecture for easy integration of new features
  • Hierarchical code base enabling any core function to be tailored
  • Built in catalogue, inventory, customer and order management
  • A wealth of e-commerce features as standard
  • Integrate with backoffice systems using the API

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It all starts with a well structured website that grows into a perfectly oiled machine! We offer scaleable and bulletproof WordPress websites along with friendly support so look no further than moocow.

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