Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media, namely to convert leads into customers and sales. It can seem like a daunting and ominous task but we are here to help and simplify the process.

Digital marketers monitor things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, what content works and doesn’t work, and many more. It is not just the internet that covers that digital marketing, other forms can be text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, just to name a few.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is more than SEO & AdWord campaigns! It now covers a broad range of social media, email marketing campaigns, text messaging services…. Now customers have access to information any time and any place they want or need it, thanks to the internet and smart phones, you need to make yourself stand out from the rest and digital marketing is one way to do this.

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