Broom Broom! To run a successful site, it is important to get they key basics in place, this allows your site to be loved by Google & can convert at its best.

website audit
Moocow can carry out a free website audit which can take up to 48 hours. Once completed we will email you a report to view. We have broken down the key areas we feel a good website should have. We will carry out these key checks & if required suggest cost effective ways to start working with your site to make it perform better.

  • Have you installed Google Analytics?
  • Have you installed Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Are you running a modern CMS framework?
  • Has your site any technical errors?
  • Have you incorporated a good search engine optimisation structure?
  • Is your site coded well enough?
  • Is your site visually sending the right message?
  • Have you checked your site speed?
  • Have you created a sitemap and submitted it to Google?
  • Have you claimed your business / website name on other major social networks?
  • Is your site mobile & tablet friendly?